Cast Iron Bearing Units

Chain & Drives stock ISB Cast Iron Bearing Units.

Cast Iron Bearing Unit

The main feature of ISB cast iron bearing units is their ability to support heavy loads without generating vibrations. This type of bearing unit can be supplied with a special lubricator allowing the periodic re-greasing of the bearing. The hole where the lubricator is positioned may weaken the bearing unit structure. In normal operating conditions, the quantity of grease in the bearing is sufficient for the entire life of the bearing unit.

ISB aluminium bearing units on the other hand are much more elastic than cast iron bearing units and can reach greater speeds than the latter.

ISB Bearing
  • External gaskets to guarantee reliable operation & longer life
  • Seals on both sides for a perfect endurance
  • On the exterior side special protection “flaps” are present which, thanks to the centrifugal effect, guarantee the expulsion of any polluting agent
  • Protection covers can be constructed in steel sheets or plastic, available in a closed version or with through-holes
  • Setscrews with ball which offer a greater safety against loosening, avoid any contact corrosion & keep a lower tightening torque
  • Burnished inner ring in order to prevent locking with the shaft seals
ISB Bearing


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