Agricultural Bearing Units

ISB Agricultural bearing units can be supplied complete with bearing. The latter is comprised of an outer spherical ring that can oscillate in the corresponding raceway in the bearing unit, so as to mitigate any alignment defects and eliminate stress between the shaft and the bearing unit.

Agricultural Bearing

The internal constructive features of the bearing inserted into the bearing unit housing correspond with bearings in the 62 or 63 series according to ISO tables. Seal rings are assembled on both sides of the bearing, especially designed and particularly able to guarantee a perfect seal and therefore prevent any eventual infiltrations of dust, humidity and various types of fluids. All bearings are pre-greased and relubricated, except for those in the following series: CB – RB – SA – SB, which must be lubricated for the entire duration of their life.


ISB bearings for bearing units are used in various sectors:
* agricultural machinery;
* gardening machinery;
* fitness machines;
* wood working machinery;
* marble working machinery;
* bottling machinery;
* production lines

Product list

  • C2
  • HC2
  • UCX
  • UC3
  • UK2
  • IKX
  • UK3
  • SER2
  • SA2
  • SB RB2
  • CB2
  • U0
  • H23
  • SB2


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