PFI Special Ball Bearing – Agri Series

We supply the special ball bearings agri series by PFI Bearings in single and double row.

The special ball bearing – Agri series are used for many applications including disc harrows, seeders, mowers and combines in the Agricultural sector. The highly effective seal design provides robust protection against the loss of lubricant and the ingress of wet or abrasive contaminants.

The Prelubricated (non-relubricatable) versions provide no cost for labor with greasing equipment and bearing replacement, this also ensures there is no danger of using the wrong grease or over lubricating. This provides savings in time, money and future prevention from early bearing failure. The relubricatable versions also provide a better fit for environments with extreme moisture prevalence.


  • Single and double row
  • Available with round, square or hexagonal bore
  • Relubricatable or non-relubricatable
  • With spherical or cylindrical outer ring
  • With inner ring extended on one or both sides


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