Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are designed with inner and outer ring raceways that accommodate combined loads simultaneously acting radial and axial loads, due to being displaced relative to each other in the direction of the bearing axis.

Angular contact ball bearings

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Single row angular contact ball bearings are self-retaining units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide, sheet metal or brass cages. The raceways of the inner and outer rings are offset from each other along the bearing axis. The bearings are available in open and sealed designs. Their angular adjustment facility is very limited.

Single row angular contact ball bearings are suitable where:

  • Bearing arrangements must support combined loads, – i.e. radial and axial loads acting simultaneously
  • Moderate to high loads are present on one side
  • Rigid axial guidance is required
  • The bearing arrangement must be axially clearance-free or preloaded
  • High speeds are required under higher radial and axial loads
  • The bearing arrangement is to run quietly in addition to meeting the requirements stated above

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Double row angular contact ball bearings can support axial loads in both directions and high radial loads. They are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements in which rigid axial guidance is required.

Double row angular contact ball bearings are particularly suitable where:

  • The design envelope is not sufficient under high loads for a pair of single row angular contact ball bearings
  • High radial and axial loads are acting simultaneously
  • Tilting moments must also be supported
  • A relatively rigid bearing arrangement is required
  • The bearing arrangement is to run quietly in addition to meeting the requirements stated above

Axial-angular Contact Roller Bearings

Schaefflers angular contact roller bearings  AXS comprise thin, formed bearing rings, between which injection-moulded plastic cages with cylindrical rollers are arranged. In contrast to comparable axial rolling bearings, series AXS has a particularly small cross-section, whilst the load carrying capacity and tilting rigidity are very high in relation to the loaded installation space. The ready-to-fit machine elements are not self-retaining and are therefore very easy to assemble as the individual parts can be installed separately.

Angular contact roller bearings  SGL are preferably used if high accuracy and rigidity is required in addition to a high load carrying capacity. The particularly high precision is achieved by means of exact, machined, hardened and ground bearing rings with a triangular profile. A roller and cage assembly from wear-resistant plastic is arranged between the bearing rings. The use of quadratic rolling elements (diameter equals length) significantly improves the kinematic conditions in the bearing. The bearing runs particularly uniformly with low friction and is suitable for high speeds.

Angular contact roller bearings  SGL have long proven successful in low-clearance planetary gearboxes for precision drives. Possible areas of application include handling systems, packaging machinery, food processing and robotics.

Variants of Angular contact ball bearings include:

  • Angular contact ball bearings X-life
  • Double-row angular contact ball bearings
  • Axial angular contact ball bearings

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