Industrial Chains

Chain and Drives supplies Regina industrial chains which are available across a uniquely wide range of steel grades, including carbon and stainless steel, finishing, including various corrosion resistant surface treatments for all type of applications, and lubrication solutions.

Film Gripper Chains – For Thermoforming Machines

Gripper chains are used to convey plastic film in “form, fill and seal” packaging machines.

  • All chains are available in nickel plated or stainless steel construction, for outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • Improved clamp design for increased film retention and smooth operation.
  • Supplied in pre-stretched and matched strands for trouble free machine setup.
  • Special lubrication applied at factory, FDA H1 approved grease, for higher wear and corrosion resistance.

Enduro Maintenance Free Chains

Designed to work without periodic maintenance, Regina Enduro chains are ideal for applications where regular lubrication is difficult or not allowed and where product contamination has to be avoided.

  • Dramatic wear life increase compared to standard chains in un-lubricated conditions.
  • Eliminate need for periodic lubrication.
  • No product or equipment contamination.
  • Resistance to corrosion in mildly aggressive environment.
  • Savings in lubrication and maintenance costs.

Hybrid Series Maintenance Free Chains

The new Hybrid series chains combine Regina’s longstanding experience and technology in steel and plastic materials. By merging stainless steel strength and performance together with the low-friction properties of acetal resin, Regina Hybrid series chains provide for lube-free, clean operation in corrosive, wet and highly demanding hygienic environments.

  • Corrosion resistant.
  • 50% lighter than steel chain – low noise.
  • Suitable for food applications – highly cleanable.
  • Cost competitive – lower cost of operation vs. stainless steel chain.
  • Clean operation avoids product contamination.

Tension Linkage Chains

“Tension linkage” (also called leaf chains, or fleyer chains) chains are a means of transmitting reciprocating motion, or lift, rather than continuous rotative power (like in power transmission chains). A predominating feature is that the chain does not have to be formed endless. The chain is built of interlaced plates held together by riveted pins.

Tension Linkage Chain Advantages Compared to Wire Cables

  • Chains can flex over a smaller radius than cables.
  • Chains can be lubricated much easier and effectively than cables.
  • Chains are easy to install and remove.


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