Enhancing machinery performance with Customised Sprockets & Taper Locks

A focus of Chain & Drives is to provide excellent power transmission solutions to our customers including customised designed.


In the dynamic landscape of the motor accessories industry in Perth, a prominent manufacturer recognised the need for cutting-edge transmission solutions to enhance their product offerings. Focused on staying ahead in a competitive market, the manufacturer approached Chain & Drives, to collaborate on the development of custom transmission products.

This strategic partnership aimed to leverage the manufacturer’s unique designs, to create an exceptionally efficient & innovative solution. The synergy between the manufacturer’s vision and Chain Drives’ expertise promised not only to meet but exceed the expectations of the customer.


Collaborating closely with TransDrive, a manufacturer and supplier of an extensive selection of Power Transmission solutions, we successfully delivered a comprehensive range of meticulously crafted sprockets & taper locks, tailored to precisely align with and surpass the specific requirements outlined by our customer. This partnership enabled us to exceed expectations, showcasing our commitment to providing top-notch solutions in the realm of transmission products. By leveraging the expertise and cutting-edge technology of TransDrive, we ensured that every aspect of the supplied sprockets & taper locks reflected an unparalleled level of precision & innovation.


The customer benefits from a consistently dependable source of superior-quality, cost-effective custom sprockets, and taper locks. These components are not only crafted to meet the exact specifications provided by the customer but also offer the flexibility of adjustments to align seamlessly with evolving demands.

This ensures not only a reliable supply chain but also a responsive solution that can adapt to changing requirements. The high-quality nature of the sprockets and taper locks underscores our commitment to providing durable & efficient transmission products, establishing satisfaction & operational excellence for our customer.

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