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TAS Schäfer Hydraulic Shrink Discs

Easy and quick to install. Useful in many situations.

TAS SHS Benchmark Hydraulic Shrink Disc


  • Application-specific design/application
  • Quick clamping and release, compared to mechanical shrink discs
  • Inner ring can be adapted to different sizes
  • Maintenance and repair can be carried out by the customer
  • Transmission of high torques
  • Relatively low pressure

Wherever there is a requirement to connect the shaft and hub safely and quickly, the hydraulically tensionable shrink discs type “SHS” from TAS Schäfer GmbH are used. With the TAS-SHS series, TAS Schäfer GmbH has developed a hydraulically tensionable shrink disc type “SHS”, which is used everywhere in drive technology for frictional shaft-hub connections. Due to its fast and safe clamping, it is particularly suitable for assembly on test benches and repetitive clamping processes. Furthermore, the SHS series impresses with its unique selling points, such as low pressure required for clamping, customer-side performance of maintenance and repair work as well as the possibility of adapting the inner ring to different sizes.

Further development and the fulfilment of specific customer requirements as well as the highest quality standards are indispensable prerequisites in modern production today.

The TAS-SHS product range has been used thousands of times in many areas of application for years. Hydraulically tensionable shrink discs of the “SHS” design can be found all over the world, especially in wind turbines, on hydraulic motors and in gearbox test benches. The main function of a hydraulically tensionable shrink disc type “SHS” is to securely connect a shaft to a hub by means of a frictional connection. For example, between a drive shaft and a hollow gearbox shaft. The hydraulically tensionable shrink disc creates a backlash-free connection by pressing the hub onto the shaft. This type of connection is mainly used for the transmission of torques. The hydraulically tensionable shrink disc of the “SHS” series only provides the required forces and does not itself transmit any forces or torques between the shaft and hub. It is therefore not in the flow of forces. With the SHS products from TAS Schäfer GmbH, the basic principle of the mechanical, three-part shrink disc has been retained. This principle has been tried and tested many times over. The force-transmitting friction surfaces are strictly separated from the hydraulic system. This strict separation prevents oil contamination of these surfaces.

Usage of Hydraulic Shrink Discs

The biggest advantage of hydraulic tensionable shrink discs such as the SHS series is the enormous time saved during assembly. This system can already be clamped with low pressure between 120bar and 200bar and thus reduces the assembly time considerably. The reduction of this time increases exponentially with the diameter. For larger diameters, e.g. 530mm, a hydraulically tensionable shrink disc of the type “SHS” is already tensioned after a few minutes.

In contrast, a mechanical shrink disc takes several hours to install. The time required and the physical strain on fitters and maintenance personnel can thus be reduced considerably. Even after a long service life of several years, e.g. when seals no longer function depending on their location, the hydraulically tensionable shrink disc of the “SHS” series can be dismantled like a mechanical shrink disc. This is done by loosening the screw connection and without applying further pressure.

Types of Shrink Discs

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