SBR Prime Chain

As the exclusive importer of the Senqcia (Hitachi) range of premium quality roller chain & Drives is very pleased to announce the arrival of the New SBR-Prime series Roller Chain.  


Senqcia’s (Hitachi) previous range of roller chain, the SBR and Neo-SBR has outperformed competitors for the last 20 years and now one of the markets most respected brands just got 30% better.  

  • Maximum allowable load increased by 30%. Highest published M.A.L of any of the premium quality chain brands
  • SBR-Prime offers long service life for chain and selection with M.A.L equal to a chain size lower. This is achieved by compressive residual stress zoning. They have identifed the areas of the chain that
  • benefit from better tolerances and made improvements. Triple zone hardness of all components high energy mechanical process – three layers of hardness instead of one as different parts of the pin and bush respond better to different hardness
  • Stainless steel blast treatment for pin and bush combined with special lubrication offers corrosion resistance to these components


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