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Sedis BL (LH) Leaf Chain

We supply Sedis chain BL (LH) Leaf Chain

Sedis Leaf Chain
Sedis Chains LH BL
Sedis Chains LH BL

Leaf chains consist of pins and plates only and are higher in strength than roller chains. They are suitable for tasks like hoisting and pulling.

Complies with ISO 4347 international standards.

All the Sedis Leaf chains can be supplied with an anti-corrosion treatment or a treatment against cold usage.

Sedis Chains LH BL Diagram
Sedis Chains LH BL Diagram
ReferencesStandardDELTA TITANIUM 2Nominal pitch mmLacingb4 max.h3 max.d min.e max.UTSMass per meter kgClevis Pin (mm)
ASME B29.8SEDIS & ISO 4347ISO 4347SEDISC min.b6 max.d2 max.V
kN min.
BL 422LH08-22xx12,72 x 210,9012,075,102,0522,227,00,581321,25,081,6
BL 423LH08-23xx2 x 312,9022,227,00,711826,1
BL 434LH08-34xx3 x 417,3033,440,51,002026,1
BL 444LH08-44xx4 x 419,4044,554,01,142230,5
BL 446LH08-46xx4 x 623,1044,554,01,422633,1
BL 466LH08-66xx6 x 627,3066,781,01,703038,5
BL 488LH08-88xx8 x 836,25.108,02,303947,5
BL 522LH10-22xx158752 x 212,7014,55,992,4033,442,70,851826,15,951,6
BL 523LH10-23xx2 x 315,1033,443,01,051826,1
BL 534LH10-34xx3 x 420,0048,960,01,452533,1
BL 544LH10-44xx4 x 422,3066,780,01,702533,1
BL 546LH10-46xx4 x 626,8066,780,02,083038,1
BL 566LH10-66xx6 x 632,20100,1120,02,503544,2
BL 588LH10-88xx8 x 842,25.170,83,404553,5
BL 622LH12-22xx19,052 x 217,2018,17,973,3048,965,01,422231,27,922,0
BL 623LH12-23xx2 x 320,5048,965,01,782635,2
BL 634LH12-34xx3 x 427,1075,697,52,353039,2
BL 644LH12-44xx4 x 430,5097,9130,02,803544,2
BL 646LH12-46xx4 x 637,2597,9130,03,404554,5
BL 666LH12-66xx6 x 644,00146,8195,04,004857,5
BL 688LH12-88xx8 x 857,25.260,05,706574,5
BL 822LH16-22xx25,42 x 221,4024,09,564,1084,5105,02,172535,39,532,5
BL 823LH16-23xx2 x 325,5084,5105,02,713040,2
BL 834LH16-34xx3 x 433,80129,0157,03,783545,2
BL 844LH16-44xx4 x 437,90169,0210,04,354252,5
BL 846LH16-46xx4 x 646,20169,0210,05,474858,4
BL 866LH16-66xx6 x 654,50253,6310,06,555565,5
BL 888LH16-88xx8 x 871,00.410,08,707585,6
BL 1022LH20-22xx31,752 x 224,4029,611,124,90115,6140,03,483044,311,103,2
BL 1023LH20-23x2 x 329,40115,6140,04,353549,2
BL 1034LH20-34x3 x 439,20182,4230,06,034559,2
BL 1044LH20-44x4 x 444,25231,3280,06,904862,5
BL 1046LH20-46x4 x 654,00231,3280,08,606579,3
BL 1066LH20-66x6 x 663,80347,0420,010,307084,5
BL 1088LH20-88x8 x 883,50.560,013,7090104,7
BL 1222LH24-22x38,12 x 228,4034,612,765,80151,2175,04,403550,312,703,2
BL 1223LH24-23x2 x 334,30151,2175,05,504257,2
BL 1234LH24-34x3 x 445,90244,6300,07,705570,3
BL 1244LH24-44x4 x 451,80302,5355,08,806075,3
BL 1246LH24-46x4 x 663,40302,5355,010,807590,3
BL 1266LH24-66x6 x 675,10453,7530,013,0085100,5
BL 1288LH24-88x8 x 898,30.710,017,40110125,5
BL 1422LH28-22x44,452 x 232,0042,014,336,55191,3220,06,304258,214,273,2
BL 1423LH28-23x2 x 338,70191,3220,07,854864,3
BL 1434LH28-34x3 x 451,80315,8375,010,806076,3
BL 1444LH28-44x4 x 458,50382,6440,012,607086,4
BL 1446LH28-46x4 x 671,50382,6440,015,7085101,5
BL 1466LH28-66x6 x 684,60578,3685,018,8095111,5
BL 1488LH28-88x8 x 8111,00.910,025,10120136,5
BL 1622LH32-22x50,82 x 236,2048,317,527,50289,1320,08,304563,317,464,0
BL 1623LH32-23x2 x 343,80289,1320,010,405573,2
BL 1634LH32-34x3 x 458,80440,4480,014,607088,3
BL 1644LH32-44x4 x 466,50578,3640,016,708098,4
BL 1646LH32-46x4 x 681,30578,3640,020,8095113,5
BL 1666LH32-66x6 x 696,50867,4960,025,00110128,7
BL 1688LH32-88x8 x 8126,40.1 280,033,30140159,0


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