Roll-Ring Chain Tensioners

ROLL-RING chain tensioners offer complex functional advantages, as they are chain tensioners and dampers in one. The chain tensioner is easily installed where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.

Roll-Ring Chain Tensioners

Based on two simple effects and awarded the Innovation Prize of the State of Saxony, Germany, this minimal mechanisms has a new simple principle function. The elastic ring engages with the chain strands and rolls between them in a pre-stressed condition taking up the shape of an ellipse. The constantly opposing movements of the load and un-load strands cancel each other out, to the ”zero sum movement”, thereby holding the ROLL-RING in position.

We supply Roll-Ring Chain Tensioners to suit both BS and ANSI Chains, ROLL-RING Chain Tensioners can be applied in a wide variety of fields of mechanical engineering and are very easy to install.

ROLL-RING Chain Tensioners do not require any time for maintenance or adjustment; they are automatic, always exactly diametrical and self-lubricating in chain operation.

ROLL-RING chain tensioners can be installed in chain drives with standard chains. Prerequisite is a working area with a strand distance which is smaller than the pitch circle of the chain tensioner and a sufficient distance between the sprockets. In any case it is necessary to exclude any contact with the sprockets even in the largest ellipse-shaped deformation.

ROLL-RING chain tensioners can be applied in a wide variety of fields of mechanical engineering. They fulfill their functions in a multitude of applications. Our regular clients comprise initial fitters and retrofitters.

ROLL-RING chain tensioners have been reliably operating in printing machines, luggage conveyor drives/transportation systems at airports, cleaning and filling systems in breweries, roller conveyors in aluminium pressing plants, but also in chain drives on vibratory plates, in automatic sand blasting machines and in agricultural machines with heavy duty chain drives, for example, dung strewers.


Roll-Ring demo video.


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