Duralon Filament Bearings

Duralon filament wound bearings are truly innovative. Made from corrosion-resistant fiberglass and epoxy resin, these filament bearings are tough, lightweight, and easily customised.

Filament Bearings

Designed for use in high load oscillating pivoting and linear applications where lubrication is an issue, Duralon composite filament bearings withstand extremely harsh environments and deliver outstanding performance.

Rexnord Duralon filament bearings are manufactured under the same AS9100D certified quality system as Rexnord’s Tuflite aerospace filament bearings. They are available in seven standard configurations including straight sleeve, hex and square bore, annular, linear, flanged sleeve and thrust washers, as well as custom designs. Rexnord Duralon bearings are U.S. designed and made, as well as RoHS and REACH compliant, and maintain peak performance throughout their lifecycle. Duralon’s fiberglass structure is 77% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum and is an electrical insulator. Duralon also helps prevent chemical, galvanic and fretting corrosion.

Our bearings have held up to rigorous testing, as well as extreme environments. Rexnord Duralon filament bearings withstand cryogenic temperatures and temperatures in excess of 325˚F. Duralon filament wound bearings operate self-lubricated up to 30,000 psi dynamically and 77,000 psi statically.

Our team of engineers provide innovative design and industry-leading delivery time. With over 40 years of engineering expertise, 11 patents, and 4,200 specialty designs, we know how to customize Rexnord Duralon filament bearings to your needs. Rexnord Duralon Bearings are a complete solution to keep your business moving.


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