ArcuDent Toothcoupling

The ArcuDent Toothcoupling is a double-jointed steel coupling. The teeth of the hubs and covers receive shape corrections to allow the highest misalignment capacity. It is a flexible, but nonetheless torsion-resistant coupling.


  • Specialised tooth shape, made to limit noise and vibrations interferences
  • Ring Gear: Gear Teeth optimised by finite elements
  • Tightness with standard o-rings that guarantee the long life of couplings
  • Special gear teeth realised in order to increase the contact surface and to limit the superficial pressure
  • Gear Hub: Bore hub capacity up to 800 mm optimisation by finite elements
  • Grade 12.9 screws allow for force-locking torque transmission
  • EX-safety according to ATEX-standards


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