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Chain & Drives are proud distributors of Regina Chain, manufacturers of high quality conveyor components and chain.

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Regina Chain was established in 1919 under the name “Soceita Italian Catene Calibrate Regina” with the production of chains and free wheels for bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. Throughout the next 30 years, Regina started producing industrial chains to the international markets.

By the early 80s, Regina commenced operations in the manufacturing of conveyor stainless steel and plastic chains, belts and components and significantly contributed to the technological innovation of the sector. This was achieved by always providing a reliable product that was manufactured with premium materials.

Today, Regina displays a complete range of high-quality products that are used in many industries such as packaging and bottling, food and glass and are used with many different applications. Regina specialize in:  

  • Stainless steel and plastic chains;
  • Plastic modular belts;
  • Gripper chains;
  • Machined and molded sprockets;
  • Magnetic, TAB and Bevel curves, both standard and custom;
  • Lubricated and standard wear strips;
  • Return rollers, side guides and other popular components.
FliteTop Chain

FliteTop Chain

Large selection of straight running and sideflexing chains, available in steel or thermoplastic materials, enabling solution for any application.

Regina Matveyor Belt

Matveyor Belts

Regina supply a complete range of Matveyor modular belts and chains, offered in different pitches (8mm to 2″) and top surface execution, to suit any application.

Regina Sprockets

FliteTop & Matveyor Sprockets

Available in moulded and machined versions, solid and split.

Corner Tracks

Magnetic, TAB, Bevel and Low pin center curves.



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