Terminator HXS / XS Kevlar V-Belts

Heavy-duty, high power, single and banded wrap belts designed for mining, construction, forestry, agriculture and manufacturing.

Terminator HXS Belt

PIX-Terminator is the evolution in power transmission technology with the help of Dry Cover Belts introduced by PIX, designed for every application of mining, construction, forestry, agriculture & manufacturing. 

PIX HXS banded kevlar belt being used on a mining site.
Composite of a PIX HXS banded kevlar belt being used on a mining site.

The PIX-Terminator®-HXS (Heavy-duty, Aramid-corded Banded Wrap) Belts is designed and engineered specifically for high-power, heat-resistance, and wear-resistance demanded by such applications. These Belts are, in fact, suited for power-transmission drives requiring robust, maintenance-free performance.

PIX-Terminator Belts are exclusively designed to offer a unique solution for highly demanding requirements like extra heavy-duty applications.

  • Drives with space constraints
  • Drives where high power transmission is required
  • Applications comprising of high shock loads which are caused due to sudden start/stop of the machine
  • Drives with high ambient temperature conditions
  • Drives with harsh working conditions


  • Enhanced power transmission capacity
    • Up to 55% in PIX-TERMINATOR®-XS Single Belts
    • Up to 70% in PIX-TERMINATOR®-HXS Banded Belts
  • Especially treated outer tough cover fabric reduces sidewall wear rate and offers enhanced flexibility
  • Special frictionless fabric and design to enhance heat dissipation rate
  • Special aramid cord for high tensile strength and minimum elongation
  • Designed to exhibit excellent durability, strength, abrasion and wear resistance
  • Superior performance under heavy shock and impulse load
  • Extended temperature range -25°C to +100°C


  • Vibrating screens, reclaimers, pulverisers, heavy-duty mixers, forestry woodcutters, wood chippers, surface miners, stackers, excavators, stone crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, ball-mills, etc.


  1. Curved-top profile offers excellent lateral rigidity and protects the Belt from band separation
  2. Specially engineered high tensile-strength aramid cord provides excellent tensile strength and negligible Belt elongation
  3. The specially designed base compound provides excellent modulus strength, facilitating enhanced power transmission
  4. Bareback, frictionless, unique outer fabric facilitates negligible slippage during operation, offers excellent flexibility, and reduces sidewall wear rate
Diagram of the construction of a HXS Kevlar belt.
Diagram of the construction of a HXS Kevlar belt.


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