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Mitsuboshi Standard Type Belt

Chain & Drives supply a large range of Mitsuboshi Standard Type Timing belts; the highest grade of timing belt (transmission belt) with superior grade, superior durability, long life and reduced noise. 

Mitsuboshi Standard Type Belt


Classical V-belt

Classical V-belt are the most widely used power transmission belts.
Economical and easily obtained for replacement.
Wrapped type : M (Z) / A / B / C / D / E
Raw Edge type : ZX / AX / BX / CX

Maxstar Wedge V-belts

Maxstar Wedge V-belts have double power transmission capacity of Classical V-belts due to greater wedge effect. It features high speed transmission, energy saving, and compact design.
Wrapped type : 3V / 5V / 8V
Raw Edge type : 3VX / 5VX

Narrow V-belts

Narrow V-belts was developed to transmit a higher torque in a small assembly area, which enables space saving, high speed drive, and reduce the cost of operating and maintenance.
oil/ heat resistance and electrical conductivity.
Wrapped Type: SPZ / SPA / SPB / SPC
Raw Edge Type: SPZX / SPAX / SPBX / SPCX


The MAXSTAR POWER™ was developed for heavy duty applications, where high torque transmission is required. Its performing level increased more than 50% compared to the standard specification.

The HA and HB type of MAXSTAR POWER™ is made up of two or more standard V-belts connected together at the top. It was developed to satisfy the special requirements for the agricultural machinery like harvesters and combines.
Multiple Type: HA / HB


The SUPER KB is mainly used for light duty applications, but has more resistance to heavy shock loads than FHP belts. The special outer covering is suitable for backside idler usage. These belts have high resistance to heat, high humidity, oil, and cracking.
TYPE: 3LK / 4LK / 5LK


The MAXSTAR SUPER WEDGE II™ is one of our latest development for heavy loading duty applications, where high torque transmission is required. Not does only it withstand shock loads easily, but special fabric allows slippage and avoids further damages in the complete power train.


The TRIPLEX™ is suitable for applications with small pulley diameters and provides higher coefficient of friction against the standard wrapped belts. It is widely-used for its cost efficiency, availability, and its simplicity of replacement.
Raw Edge type : AX / BX / CX


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