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Mitsuboshi GigaTorque GX Belt

Chain and Drives supply the top-seller belt from the Mitsuboshi range, GigaTorque GX.

Mitsuboshi GigaTorque GX Belt

Giga Torque™ GX uses a high hardness and flexible carbon fiber cord, in pursuit of strength and flexibility.

With a compact belt width, with the results from saving space, light weight and low noise, improving the performance of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, this is not limited to timing belt applications, but the scope can also be expanded to chain drive applications.

Superior Durability

  • High-tensile strength Carbon Cord
  • Abrasion-resistant, low friction tooth fabric
  • High elastic, high hardness HNBR rubber
  • Increased durability

Reduced Noise

  • Rubber construction for superior flexibility
  • Special low friction fiber for the tooth fabric
  • Reduced high-frequency noise


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