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Jaure Gear Couplings

Jaure’s “MT” range of crowned tooth gear couplings meet AGMA standards.

Jaure Gear Coupling

The “MT” coupling range is a steel double-joint coupling. The main function is to transmit torque and at the same time accommodate the misalignment between two shafts through the sliding of the mating gears. If misalignment occurs, the crowned teeth hubs can oscillate in the flanged sleeve. It is impossible to have corner pressure even at maximum misalignment. The combined tip and flank centering and fully machined coupling ensure quiet operation. In case of high rotation speed (circumferential speeds exceeding 36m/s or sensitive supports to unbalance).

The teeth are machined with precision gear machines in a process that promotes uniform contact on all the teeth. Crowned teeth couplings are flexible enough to compensate for all types of misalignments and axial movements. This includes axial, parallel offset, angular and combined angular offset.

Meeting AGMA standards, it is also interchangeable with any other AGMA gear coupling which means the MT coupling sleeves and drilled holes will fit any AGMA coupling halves and various configurations such as telescopic, with power tube, and with brake disc that can be supplied.

Jaure offers a wide range of gear couplings, with no limit in sizes. Available with multiple different seal features and lubrication capacities. It is also available with alloy and nitride gearing to increase the strength and extend the wear.


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