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Jaure Barrel Couplings

Barrel Couplings are typically used to connect the output shaft of a gearbox to the rope drum of a crane hoist.

Jaure Barrel Coupling

Jaures BARFLEX TCBR barrel coupling was developed back in the 90’s and is specially designed for installation in cranes and hoisting applications to connect the cable drum with the gearbox output shaft. Consisting of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeve toothing to act as power transmission elements. The advantage of these couplings compared to gear couplings is that they can absorb high misalignment and have less bending stress wear which provides longer life.

Features & Benefits

  • About 10% higher torque capacity than the TCB-HD coupling, allowing a more favourable size selection and thus an important cost saving.
  • Assembly time reduction
  • Increased axial misalignment tolerance
  • Improved visual wear indicator: easier to read the wear.


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