Chemtools Lubricants

Chain and Drives stocks the full range of Chemtools, the worlds largest manufacturer of greases and functional fluids.

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 Industrial Lubricants

The lubrication that is used should provide longer tool life, which in turn increases profitability and keeps the manufacturer competitive. Chemtool Incorporated, through its investment in technology, the never-ending drive for innovation, and our vast experience provides some of the finest gear and lubricating oil products available.

Industrial Cleaners

Chemtool Incorporated provides a complete line of industrial cleaners, including mild alkaline, moderate alkaline, strong alkaline, strong acid, solvent, and rust stripper cleaners.

  • General purpose cleaners
  • Moderate alkaline cleaners
  • Strong alkaline cleaners
  • Stron acid cleaners
  • Solvent cleaners
  • Rust removers

Corrosion Inhibitors

This line also includes water-based, vapor phase, high viscosity and non-ferrous formulas designed for a range of applications. Product application techniques include: dip, brush spray, roll, and flow coat.


Chemtool leads the grease manufacturing industry driven by technology, innovation and a commitment to excellence. Our customers’ challenges inspire our next products.

As a global grease manufacturing partner, we are positioning ourselves in line to grow the business in concert with our customers’ demands. 

Chemtool creates a variety of greases to fulfill specific on-the-job requirements:

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Synthetic
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High-Temperature
  • Anti-Seize
  • Water-Resistant
  • Food Grade
  • Heavy Duty

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