Centamax S Couplings

These torsional highly elastic Centmax couplings were first introduced in 1980. Since that time they have been proved in numerous difficult applications.

Centamax S

This coupling has been developed and tested following intensive research, calculations and market studies for the following areas of application:

Drives subject to torsional vibration especially diesel engine drives, where the driven components have relatively small inertias and are required to run over a wide speed range from low idling rpm to full engine speed, free from dangerous resonances. For these applications it is desirable to shift the critical speeds far enough below engine
idling speed so that the whole engine working speed range can be utilized without limitation.

For such drives a torsionally very soft coupling is more desirable than a torsionally stiff coupling because the whole drive power train is then subjected to very low vibratory torques and is therefore more lowly stressed. Centamax couplings are amongst the highest torsionally elastic couplings available on the market, with a torsional deflection of about 12° at nominal torque and about 30° at maximum torque for types SB. For the larger types, SC and SD, the torsional deflection is intentionally lower; it is about 6 – 8° at rated torque.

Important Areas of Application:

  • Splitter gears, with several hydraulic pumps
  • Compressors
  • Ship propulsion
  • Generator sets
  • Pumping sets
  • Locomotives



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