Centaflex H Couplings

This coupling was specially developed for the connection of diesel engines and hydrostatic pumps. As these pumps usually have relatively small inertias, it is advantageous to use a stiff coupling to connect them with the diesel engine.

Centaflex H

This has the effect of shifting the critical rotational speeds into speed ranges higher than those of the engine. The drive is thus sub-critical and is free from such critical rotational speeds which could produce dangerous torsional vibrations over the whole speed range of the engine.

The coupling is usually built into a housing between the diesel engine and the hydraulic pump or power distribution gearbox. Naturally, fairly high temperatures predominate inside this housing. Because of its extremely high thermal stability, the Centaflex H is the one best suited for this purpose, even with a totally enclosed housing. In addition it is oil-resistant

  • High performance with compact dimensions.
  • High torsional stiffness, yet accomodation of minor misalignments and dampening of vibrations.
  • High permissible rotational speeds.
  • extremely high thermal stability -50° to +150° C (-58° to +300°F).
  • Oil resistant.
  • Easy push in assembling.
  • Free of axial forces.
  • Free of wear hub-shaft screw clamping.
  • Free of maintenance.
  • Noiseless.
  • Cost efficient.


Centa H Series

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