Centaflex DS Couplings

The Centaflex DS is a dual-stage coupling with progressive characteristics for a smooth operation and reliable load transmission.

Centaflex DS Couplings

We supply the Centaflex DS coupling which combines good damping characteristics of a torsionally flexible roller coupling under partial load with the robustness of a claw-type coupling under a full load. With its short and economic design for smooth operation at low idling speeds for applications with a high degree if idling.

The Centaflex DS is a simple, compact, reliable and economic design with no bonded rubber, no rubber in shear, only rubber in compression which is ideal working conditions. The rubber is heat resistant and the coupling has internal ventilation for good heat dissipation.


  • stiffer and robust
  • simple and compact
  • failsafe
  • economical design
  • suitable for blind assembly in flanged housings, input shaft of the gear can be splined or tapered
  • well matched sizes for SAE fly-wheels and all type of gears, torque range 0.2 – 15 kNm, which means about 2000 kW.


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