OT Seals

OT Seals has been an industry leader in the seals sector and sealing systems since 1998.

In collaboration with OTP and TTO Seals, OT Seals provides a complete range of products on the market, including bearings, self-aligning bearing units, washers, bushes, plain bearings, rod ends, clevises, linear systems, polymer bearings, seals and sealing systems.

OT Seals distributes the following brands:

– Shaft seals
– Seals for sliding ball bushing
– End covers
– Wiper seals for rods
– V-ring seals for rotating shafts
– Special shaft seals

• OTP®:
– Antivibrations mounts
– Rubber/metal parts for vibration/noise
– Elastomer u-packings for hydraulic/pneumatic
– Polyurethane packings for hydraulic Moulded/hot vulcanized O-rings
– Cords for static/dynamic applications
– Metal O-rings and C-Rings
– Pneumatic packings
– PTFE packings for rotating shafts
– PTFE energized packings for high pressure
– Floating seals
– FEP encapsulated elastomer O-rings

– Helicoflex for high pressure and high temperatures
– O-rings for extreme operating conditions.

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