Yilmaz Reduktor

Chain & Drives supply a large range of Yilmaz Reduktor quality geared motors to suit your requirements.

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YILMAZ REDÜKTÖR reflects years of experience in its new products, it develops its products to meet the needs of the world industry with new technologies and engineering investments and continues to be the reliable business partner of its customers. YILMAZ REDÜKTÖR products offered to markets serve safely in thousands of facilities from light industry to heavy industry.


New generation Yilmaz gearboxes boast features such as reduced oil leakage, low noise levels, higher rigidity and better gear strength. 

Yilmaz Ruduktor uses the latest technologies to develop new products and reinvests in R&D to bring continually create premium products for consumers.

Chain & Drives supply the full Yilmaz Reduktor range including:

  • Standard Gearboxes
  • Special Gearboxes
  • Inverters
  • Dereli Brakes
  • ELK Electric Motors

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