Chain & Drives are the distributor and build-centre for the broad range of Transtecno gearboxes and power transmission products including state of the art products characterised by high technical standards.


Transtecno is a global partner for power transmission. The Transtecno Group designs, produces and markets a complete range of power transmission solutions: gearboxes (wormgearboxes, helical in-line gearboxes, helical bevel, helical parallel or planetary gearboxes) and AC or DC electric motors.

From standard gear motors to entire series for specific markets right through to specially tailored projects – the Transtecno motor reduction gearboxes includes state of the art products characterised by high technical standards. Their transversal modularity leads to huge benefits for both machine builders and distributors.



These tools can be used to select suitable gearbox and motor for your application. We can also provide drawings, 3D models and specifications for each drive selection from this link:-

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