Transtecno Iron Gearboxes

The IRON range includes ITH inline speed reducers, ITB bevel helical gear reducers and ITS parallel shaft gear reducers. The range is all built in ultra-strong cast iron, for torque levels up to 3500 Nm (31.000 lb-in).

Irontecno main

Transtechno Iron – HEAVY DUTY

The Transtechno Iron range includes 3 gearbox lines: helical, bevel and shaft mounted gearboxes. Each product line is divided into 3 sizes providing torque from 900 to 3500Nm. The main characteristics of this range are its modular iron housing and the gearboxes are interchangeable with other brands on the market.



These tools can be used to select suitable gearbox and motor for your application. We can also provide drawings, 3D models and specifications for each drive selection from this link:-

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