AC Gearboxes

Chain & Drives are the distributor & the build centre for the AC range of gearboxes and power transmission products.

AC Motor Gearboxes

We complement and utilise our range of AC Gearboxes, our AC Gearbox drive assemblies are a great choice for all your drive requirements.

  • We supply a range of AC gearboxes which include Bevel Helical, Worm Drive, Planetary, Inline Helical, Helical Worm and Cycloidal.
  • Available from fractional watt up to 250KW we supply drives in all configurations to suit your specifications.
  • Our design team can supply 3D concept and construction drawings for all drive assemblies.
  • Our service team offer installation, commissioning, maintenance and on-site services.
  • We offer the complete turnkey solution for all your drive requirements.

If you require any servicing or repairs, our service facility will provide repairs and services for all types of gearboxes, motors, couplings, bearings, actuators and drive assemblies. Our service staff are factory trained with many years experience in all types of power transmission equipment. We also can refurbish head and tail drum assemblies. Our service centre carries a large inventory of spare parts for immediate repairs and even in breakdown situations. We will prepare a tailored full-service report and provide a maintenance programme specific to your equipment.



These tools can be used to select a suitable gearbox and motor for your application. We can also provide drawings, 3D models and specifications for each drive selection from this link:-

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