Chain & Drives stock ArcusaFlex’s VSK, the highly-flexible U-joint coupling.

ArcusaFlex VSK

Drive shafts are used in a drive train when a large shaft displacement or an extended distance between the drive and the driven components must be compensated. Depending on the arrangement of the drive components, a non-uniform motion of the speed may result, and since drive shafts exhibit some torsional flexibility, the mass of the prime mover and driven machine may induce a resonant system.

If the prime mover is an internal combustion engine, a highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX-VSK U-joint coupling is required to protect the drive train from dynamic overload. Highly flexible VSK U-joint couplings are capable of shifting resonant ranges below the lowest operating speed and of reducing resonance-induced vibratory torques under reversed stressed to tolerable levels.

The highly flexible VSK U-joint coupling is mounted on the engine flywheel, ahead of the drive train with drive shaft. The VSK U-joint coupling has an axial and radial integral bearing to accommodate the weight of the drive shaft and its reaction forces.

The ARCUSAFLEX VSK coupling series is available in nine standard sizes covering a torque range from 390 Nm to 20,000 Nm. Reichs extensive range of couplings to cover nearly every drive configuration. Though customised solutions can be manufactured to suit your requirements.


  • Linear torsional deflection characteristic
  • Elements available in different torsional stiffnesses
  • Enhanced damping capacity through frictional damping
  • Maintenance-free coupling bearings
  • Radial bearing close to the cardan joint
  • A variety of designs for different drive shaft configurations
  • Many types with SAE connection dimensions as as specified
  • Compact construction, the highly flexible element being protected by the housing
  • Fail-safe device visible from the outside


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