Earth Moving & Drill Chain

Chain & Drives are suppliers of TransDrive, Senqcia (Prev. Hitachi), Kana, Mack Chain, D.I.D and IWIS Drilling Chain, including the NEO-SBR Prime Series heavy-duty drill rig pull down chain.

Chain & Drives are suppliers of Iwis Drilling Chain, including the NEO-SBR Prime Series heavy-duty drill rig pull down chain. 

The Senqcia (Hitachi) chain range is manufactured in Japan and is the ultimate in premium quality roller and conveyor chains. The standard range offers features and benefits not available in some of the other leading brands available in Australia.SBR-Solid Bushing and Solid Roller provide total contact between pin bushing and roller increasing wear resistance and reducing elongation-significantly improving chain service life.

Neo-SBR Chain Benefits:

  • Neo special double surface treatment of the pin and bush provides corrosion resistance and a further increase in wear resistance.
  • New improved connection link design with wide waste plate improving stress distribution and fatigue resistance. Connecting link now features an improved precision process, straight sidebar which increases fatigue strength by 20% and allows for easy location of connecting link during maintenance. Chain & Drives also offers the new Senqcia (Hitachi) inspire series SBR chain.
  • Senqcia (Hitachi) NEO-SBR Prime Series Drill Rig Pull Down Chain meets all international standards and is designed for heavy duty applications. Available in simplex and duplex
  • Senqcia (Hitachi) SBR is stocked in chain sizes 35 – 240 and 06B-32B.

These products combine over 100 years of Iwis Precision Engineering with the high-quality supply and service of Chain & Drives’ expert team.

Our drill rig chain incorporates all features of NEO-SBR Prime +30% maximum allowable load and triple-zone hardening on all components. Also available with Senqcia (Hitachi) CR Corrosion Resistant chain coating system.

Sizes include 100 1-1/4″, 120 1-1/2″, 140 1-3/4″, 160 2″, 180 2-1/4″ and 200 2-1/2″. Chain is available in simplex and duplex – meeting all international standards. We supply HE series and Super H series chain. Drill Rig chain available in standard and CR series.     


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