Classical Wrapped V-Belts – Red Seal

Bando’s premium Red Seal Classical Wrapped V-Belts are used in light and heavy industrial applications.

Bando Classical Wrapped V-Belts - Red Seal V-Belt-red-a, b, c

We supply Bando’s premium range of Red Seal Classical Wrapped V-Belts that are certified DIN 2215, ISO 4184 as well as being certified from the American Petroleum Institute since 1980 for being heat, oil and flame resistant. Due to the steady developments in materials and production methods, the Red Seal range can achieve a significantly better length and service life of the belts.


  • Matching-free
  • Temperature resistant from -30° to +90°C
  • Electrically conductive
  • Limited oil resistance
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Particularly resistant to environmental influences like heat, ozone, sunlight and effects of the weather

Belt Construction

  • Chloroprene impregnated canvas
  • Strong polyester tension members
  • Neoprene insulation rubber
  • Neoprene compression rubber

Standard Sizing

TypeTop width bo (mm)Thickness h (mm)Angle
M (Z) / 1010, 0 6,040
A / 1313, 08,040
B / 1717, 011, 040
C / 2222, 014, 040
D / 3232, 020, 040
E / 3838, 025, 040


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