Tension Meter

We supply a range of the most accurate belt tension measuring devices on the market from Bando and PIX.

Tension meter

Tension Master by Bando

Bandos Tension Master has measurement capabilities of the highest industry standards using an acceleration sensor and smartphone combination.


  • Measurements are possible even in noisy environments
  • Small vibration/low frequency layouts or belt types can be measured with high accuracy
  • The calculation software uses a smartphone app

Digital Tension Meter by PIX

PIX digital tension meter is used to correct the tension factor in a drive, thus helping the users to attain the optimum Belt tension.


  • Non-contact measurement with repeated accuracy
  • Large range of measurement from 10Hz to 600Hz
  • High level of accuracy
  • Evaluation of the quality of measurement results
  • Suppression of background noise
  • Universal measuring head for convenient measurement
  • Detachable measuring sensor for narrow spaces


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