Maintenance-free Plain Bearings

Schaeffler offer a broad range of maintenance-free plain bearings.

MF Plain Bearings

Using innovative materials such as Elgoglide, Elotex and the metal-polymer composite E40. These plain bearing materials enable ultra-low coefficients of friction for spherical plain bearings. These materials also ensure low wear and very long life cycles. Maintenance-free plain bearings considerably reduce lubricant and maintenance costs as they do not require any oil or grease while also being environmentally friendly.

Product variants of maintenance-free plain bearings:

  • Radial spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Angular contact spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Axial spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Rod ends with Elgoglide
  • Plain bushes with Elgoglide
  • Metal/polymer composite plain bearings
  • Plain bearings with Elgotex

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