Maintenance-free Plain Bearings

Schaeffler offer a broad range of maintenance-free plain bearings.

MF Plain Bearings

Due to their diverse and specific characteristics, Schaeffler plain bearings are used in almost all industrial sectors. Using innovative materials such as Elgoglide, Elotex and the metal-polymer composite E40. These plain bearing materials enable ultra-low coefficients of friction for spherical plain bearings. These materials also ensure low wear and very long life cycles. Maintenance-free plain bearings considerably reduce lubricant and maintenance costs as they do not require any oil or grease while also being environmentally friendly.

Maintenance-free plain bearings are used for applications where long bearing life is required without maintenance (i.e. lubrication) or where operating conditions such as inadequate lubrication (or the absence of lubrication) make the use of Steel-on-Steel bearings inadvisable. Due to their construction, they have very low friction and can be operated without maintenance. 

Product variants of maintenance-free plain bearings:

  • Radial spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Angular contact spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Axial spherical plain bearings with Elgoglide
  • Rod ends with Elgoglide
  • Plain bushes with Elgoglide
  • Metal/polymer composite plain bearings
  • Plain bearings with Elgotex

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