SBR-CR Chain

Senqcia (Hitachi) SBR-CR Corrosion Resistant series roller chain is a highly cost effective alternative to both stainless steel and nickel-plated roller chains used in mid to high corrosive applications.

Senqcia sbr-cr

The coating is applied using a mechanical plating system that does not flake or peel and will not contaminate valuable processing lines.

All parts of the roller chain are individually coated prior to chain assembly ensuring total protection for all roller chain parts. Other coatings applied to already assembled chain don’t penetrate the parts that need the protection most and also wear from the moving parts of the chain-further exposing them to corrosion early in their service life.


TheCR-2 Series is chromium free and still outperforms other brands in the corrosion resistance testing.  

Sencia’s CR-2 chain provides excellent resistance to corrosive damage in wet, humid, saltwater and mild detergent wash down applications.  The coasting does not chip or peel and laboratory tests suggest it can offer up to 30 times more corrosion protection compared with standard electro less nickel plating.

All components are coated prior to assembly and offer chain anti corrosion, heat resistance and self lubricating properties far in advance than existing products available on the market.

Senqcia CR-2 Chain is an ideal replacement for stainless steel chain offering a cost effective solution that is 8 to 9 times stronger in maximum allowable load capacity.   


Hitachi CR

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Hitachi CR2

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