Drill Specialists

Chain & Drives stock industry standard chain in both standard, heavy-duty products and solutions to suit any type of drill rig application. Supplying the world’s leading brands, Chain & Drives will always have a solution for any roller chain requirement.

Drill Chain Specialists

Our drill rig chain range includes HE Series, HT, HHHT, super roller chain supplied by Senqcia (Hitachi), and super heavy Solid Bush Roller (SBR) chain for pull down rig applications to provide maximum allowable loads and CR Chain.

Coupling Specialists

We stock a full range of all types of industrial couplings ready for immediate delivery and in-between breakdown situations. We offer on-site analysis and design services suitable for drill rig, compressor and mining applications.

Other Couplings

Bearings & Seals

We supply market leading bearings and rotating machine parts to the drilling and mobile equipment sector. Our expertise in the field provides customers reduced downtime and lower maintenance cost of your capital equipment.

We offer on-site application analysis and design services, stocking a full range of bearing and seal products ready for delivery and breakdown situations.



Slewing Drives & Gears

Engineered Products

With decades of experience supplying engineered products for the drilling and mining industry, Chain & Drives delivers a wide range of heavy duty solutions for the extreme requirements of drilling, mining and mineral processing applications.

Our range include Bushs, Hubs, Industrial Pulleys, Belts and Sprockets.

At Chain & Drives we supply a range of products for use in the drilling, mining and resource industry, built to Australian and international standards. Our team of experts are available for an on-site assessment and quotation to assist you in selecting the right product for your application.


Industrial Pulleys & V-Belts

Taper Lock Bush & Hub Locking Assemblies

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